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Consider being a ladder to others

Help others move one step closer to achieving their goals

Have you ever played the game, Chutes and Ladders? It’s a classic children’s game, designed to help preschoolers learn colors and how to count.

Some good fortune comes along, and you get to climb that ladder - a shortcut - closer to the “winner square”! But sometimes, you hit one of those chutes or slides, and you move backward and away from your goal.

Meet Melissa*, the mother of six-year-old Sara*, who has hit a chute. Melissa wants what any parent wants for their young child - to be happy and healthy. But Sara was struggling, and she was not happy. Sara was not connecting, hard to reach, acting out in anger and was displaying behaviors that were hard for Melissa to understand or control.

Melissa was distraught and simply did not know how to help her child.

She was referred to Grant Blackford Mental Health and that is where a ladder and the light of hope began to shine. Sara was tested for autism, developmental delays, and PTSD. Once an accurate diagnosis for Sara was determined, the GBMH team was able to begin providing the right services that she needed.

Sara is now talking well and laughs like any parent would want their little girl to laugh. Sara plays well with others and is not having any outbursts or concerning behaviors. Melissa is so grateful and has expressed many times that she would have had no idea how to help Sara if she were not referred to our agency.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals.

Here at Grant Blackford Mental Health, we want to provide as many ladders as possible to the children, adults, and families that we serve. We know we cannot eliminate all the chutes or setbacks, but we will always be there ready to lend a hand, shining a light on a ladder, to move you closer to your goal.

Today we ask you to consider being a ladder and helping us reach our year-end fundraising goal of $50,000.

A gift to our year-end campaign ensures that young children, just like Sara, will receive the support, services and care that will help them be healthy and happy.